サンバゾン社は、2000年の設立後、初めてアサイーをアメリカにもたらし、また世界へ広めたリーディングカンパニーです。 サステイナビリティ(持続可能性・持ち堪える力)という考えに基づいて運営。無農薬天然栽培の高品質なアサイーを提供し続けることにより、アマゾン原住民の生活を支援することと、 熱帯雨林を保護することにもつながっています。


Cafe of SAMBAZON™, the No.1 AÇaÍ Brand in the US

The official café of “SAMBAZON™”, the global brand to introduce “AÇAΔ, the miraculous super fruit rich in nutrients, to the world for the very first time. Adhering to the authentic recipe, the café offers AÇAÎ Bowls and smoothies made with the highest quality AÇAÎ. Also offered are meat-free delis, veggie lunch plates, soy meat TACO rice and many more.

SAMBAZON™ was founded in 2000, and is the first and leading company to bring AÇAÎ to the US and introduced to the world. Operated under the philosophy of sustainability (the ability to endure or hold up). Its commitment to offer high quality AÇAÎ that is grown naturally without pesticide leads to the support of Amazon tribes and the protection of the precious rainforest.


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